Testimonials from the Community

From Sanctuary House:

Sanctuary House is the only charity in Singapore that provides foster care to babies and children from underprivileged and at-risk families, while providing support to their families to improve on their circumstances. GiveAsia has been invaluable in allowing individuals from all over the world to make a donation to our organisation. It is a simple to use platform, which makes it convenient and hassle-free for donors to contribute to our cause, especially if they are not based in Singapore and might find it difficult to donate via cheque or bank transfer. As we are a very small organisation and do not have the resources to publicise ourselves, being on GiveAsia helps to raise awareness about our organisation, and those who haven’t yet heard of Sanctuary House are exposed to the work we do, due to our presence on the website. I would definitely recommend that other small charities such as ours, jump on board this fantastic platform; the benefits far exceed just the financial support!

Chen Xinyi (Ms)
General Manager 
Sanctuary House Ltd. | 159A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307612 
Tel: 6221-0588, 6252-5585 | Fax: 6221-0589 |www.sanctuaryhouse.com.sg

From Aidha:

Our organisation is called Aidha, we are a non-profit organization providing financial education to foreign domestic women and low income women in Singapore.

We worked with Give Asia as fundraising platform for our major event “Aidha tour de Singapore” both in 2014 and 2015.

Among the various fundraising providers in Singapore, Give Asia was the most convenient in terms of service supplied and fee charged. The platform is very easy to use: each donor can create his own page for collecting funds and the charity is receiving clear and complete information on the money raised. The update of the data is very quick, and you always have an up to date situation.

The staff at Give Asia is very friendly and supportive, working with us on Sundays and during long weekends as well, and asking feedback on how the event is going and if there is something they can help with for improving the performance.

We would for sure recommend Give Asia to other charities as it is reliable, easy and friendly. Our experience working with them was overall positive.

Marina Chiericato
Finance & Operation Manager Aidha

From the Autism Association Singapore:

The Autism Association (Singapore) (AAS) is one of the non-profit organizations in Singapore, dedicated to support individuals with autism and help them lead meaningful lives in society. AAS runs two Early Intervention Centres for children with autism, a Special School for youths with autism, and two Day Activity Centres for adults with autism. Being the Senior Manager for Corporate Services, funds raising is one of my responsibilities. Due to technology advancement, the Association reckons the importance of having a convenient and seamless avenue for our corporate and individual donors, who prefer to make kind and caring donations online.

After some research, GIVEasia (formerly known as GIVE SG) was selected in 2011, due to its target audience profiles, interactive and flexible linkages to social media etc. Most importantly, it is an ideal platform for awareness creation through some special fund-raising projects, initiated by either our Association or donors, or other well- wishers who want to help in our charity cause!

One of the most impressive story to share was the three “changemakers” - Esther Loo, Eve Pek and Teresa Tay, who adopted Autism Association (Singapore) as their beneficiary in the last quarter of 2014, under an charity drive called “50 for 50”, organised by The Social Co., as a tribute to mark Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50). Using GIVEasia as an online donation portal, the trio and their corporate sponsors, promoted the meaningful cause of our Association and also organised various charity events, to yield a considerable sum of $112,680.20 (before matching fund from the government). The fund was channelled to our Eden Children’s Centre (Clementi and Simei) to help our children with autism. With such a success story, our Association will continue working with GIVEasia for more fund-raising projects and initiatives which are sure to be cost-effective and impactful!

Krish Phua
Senior Manager, Corporate Services Autism Association (Singapore)

From the Kidney Dialysis Foundation:

Being a charitable organisation which depends heavily on fundraising to cover our charitable and operational costs, it is a constant challenge to seek out new leads in terms of individual and corporate giving as well as sourcing for new and improved mediums for giving.

The Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) has had the honour of working with GIVEasia for more than two years and we rely solely on their platform for peer-to-peer fundraising for one of our organisation’s biggest event – the KDF Millennium Ride. Through the simple and user-friendly interface, it was easy for our cyclists to set up their movement pages, and even more so for their friends to donate to their movement page. The ‘share to facebook’ function, which is so intrinsically embedded in the platform, proved to be a valuable promotion tool, as the new word-of-mouth seems to be on social media.

We continue to utilise the platform for events which require peer-to- peer fundraising, and are exploring with the GIVEasia team exciting new ways in which we can change the traditional giving practices in Singapore. The costs and risks involved are of course, major concerns. As such we hope that with the grant from the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, GIVEasia would be able to develop into a better and more cost-effective platform that can transfer the cost- savings onto their ‘clients’, most of whom are charitable organisations like KDF, who have to be prudent in our spending.

James Ong,
General Manager 
Kidney Dialysis Foundation

From the Malay Youth Literary Association:

This letter is written to express our appreciation with regards to services and opportunities rendered by GIVEasia.org in providing us with an online fundraising platform that has helped us to raise funds and increase the community’s awareness of Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)’s services.

4PM is a youth-driven organization, established since 1948 with the mission of maximising human potential for the future of community. 4PM has been providing comprehensive services to the community, both Malays and non-Malays, in areas of welfare and financial assistance, education, mentorship, personal development and social work.

4PM’s existence over the past 67 years is largely dependant on the contribution and support by individual donors, corporations and partners. GIVEasia has helped to activate and empower our community through funding and time support to voluntary welfare organizations such as 4PM. This has helped us to expand our reach to the community at large.

We would like to thank GIVEasia for joining us in our frontline efforts to improve the community’s well-being and we look forward to having an amazing continuous working relationship with GIVEasia.

Izzuddin Taherally
Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)

From the Sian Chay Medical Institution:

One of the first fundraising initiatives that I embarked on upon joining Sian Chay Medical Institution as the Executive Director is to sign up with GIVEasia.

Sian Chay Medical Institution , founded in 1901, is a voluntary welfare organisation registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH), providing free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation, subsidized medicine and treatment for the community regardless of race, language or religion.

With GIVEasia, Sian Chay is able to enjoy an online presence for donations which it never experience before. I am familiar with the founders of GIVEasia since its start up days. Basically, it is the only free online donation portal that supports charities in their fundraising efforts. It is both user friendly and eye catching.

GIVEasia is the better option than the direct mail campaign which is costly and low yield .

Dr Benjie Ng
Executive Director 
Sian Chay Medical Institution 
Tel 67441891 Fax 67443082 HP 93834958

From Bike-Aid:

Bike-Aid (Singapore), a registered not-for-profit society run entirely by volunteers, has been actively involved since its inception in 1992 in raising funds for various charitable organisations through cycling. Unique to Bike-Aid is that our fund raising are such that 100% of funds raised are channeled to the charitable organisation being supported as the cost of the cycling fund raising event is borne entirely by participants.

Charities that been supported include Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Children Cancer Foundation and Hospice Care to name a few. Since 2012, we have been organising Ride for Rations, which supports Sunlove Neighbourhood Link, an outreach of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

GIVEasia has been a useful resource in facilitating Ride for Rations fundraising; participants have been able to avail their online platform to reach out to donors including those overseas. 
Importantly, GIVEasia providing this platform at no cost enables us to ensure that all funds raised are channeled to the charitable organisation to benefit the organisation, thus keep in line with our philosophy of fundraising.

Despite being a volunteer set up, GIVEasia has also been able to

provide the necessary support in the set up of the fundraising page within their portal,doing so promptly. We are sure, with the additional resources, their level of support and quality of the platform can be enhanced.

Shoeb BurhanuddinPresident, Bike-Aid (Singapore)

From Lim Der Shing:

I used GIVEasia.org to run a crowd funding project for a vwo and South West CDC. GIVEasia as a platform helped us with hosting the landing page and collecting donations. I was recommended GIVEasia by 2359media and also found the platform to be most cost-effective. It allows users to set up fundraising pages for causes they care about.

The platform was relatively easy to use and we raised $30k for 2 projects in about 4 days. I have recommended GIVEasia to other crowdfunders already. I found GIVEasia team to be very helpful and responsive.

Lim Der Shing, Tech Entrepreneur

From Morning Star:

Morning Star is a VWO and IPC with the vision to empower families and individuals to build vibrant communities that make a difference to society Our mission is to enrich and strengthen family relationships through practical skills and support such as After School Care Services, Learning Intervention Programme for children, who face challenges in meeting the requirements of school and at risk of dropping out of school, Workshops for parents on child behaviour management, parent-child relationship and Counselling services.

We find Giveasia.org to be an effective platform in reaching out to more donors. We chose GiveAsia because they are reliable and prompt in the transfer of donations. Their online and social media

platform enables us to engage with our donors and potential donors in a timely and interesting way.

We started the drive to raise funds for the Run For Good Campaign for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. This year, we are sending a team of at least 100 runners comprising staff and their family members and we hope to raise at least $150,000.

Because we are a smaller VWO with limited fundraising reach, we did not actively raise funds. Giveasia as a platform has made it easier and more cost effective for us to embark on fundraising activities. Donating is much easier with Giveasia – donors can go online whenever it is convenient for them instead of write a cheque or give cash.

My experience of using GIVEasia and working with its team has been very professional and pleasant.

Arfin Saliman,
Executive, Corporate Services

From billionBricks:

"billionBricks is a Singapore-based non-profit enteprise that envisions a world where no one is homeless, and everyone has access to opportunities for economic and social upliftment. It aims to improve the quality of life of the homeless through design, architecture and technology.

We used GIVEasia for our first crowdfunding campaign to support relief efforts in Nepal soon after the earthquake. We raised over $30,000 in a short time-bound 3-day campaign. The most valuable part of working with GIVEasia was the prompt and personal support that we recieved from GIVEasia team to ensure that the campaign run smoothly and that any query got resolved as quickly as possible. We wish GIVEasia the best of luck as they move forward with new plans and improvements."

Prasoon Kumar Founder and CEO

From the Ministry of Funny:

My name is Haresh Tilani, and I'm Co-Founder of Ministry of Funny, a YouTube channel here in Singapore that focuses on creating comedy video content. Prior to focusing on MOF, I worked at SIA and subsequently Scoot for a total of 4.5 years.

I have used GiveAsia.org multiple times for a number of different causes, and my introduction to the site came by way of a campaign called "Charity Bike n Blade" in 2011. I was impressed with features of the site, and being someone who has always been interested in the social space, I proceeded to launch a few campaigns of my own over the past few years. These ranged from campaigns to raise funds for Movember on behalf of my ex-company, a personal campaign for Sanctuary House as part of an ultramarathon I competed in in 2013, and most recently, a campaign to raise funds for a friend who passed away during the Kinabalu Earthquake (which raised an amount significant enough to be picked up by major press outlets).

Over the years, GiveAsia has undoubtedly become my favourite platform for raising funds because of the east of use of the site. Additionally, in the few instances that there were issues I was not sure about, the technical support from the GiveAsia team was exemplary, and my queries were always taken care of.

I am aware that GiveAsia is not the only fundraising platform out there, but to me they stand out particularly because of their experience, as well as their network of charities. Which is critical for any platform that aims to connect willing donors to causes that need help. Asking people for money is never easy, and such characteristics do help provide credibility when new users are introduced to the site.

I would definitely recommend it to other people, but up till now, I feel the most effective way has actually been to get them to interact with it themselves. This was most clear in the most recent campaign I

created on GiveAsia.org (for my friend who passed away in Kinabalu). The decision to do something actually occurred while a group of my friends were discussing ways to help our friend's family out in our WhatsApp group. To be honest, we all felt helpless because there was no easy way to connect others who wanted to help, with the family. It was at that point in time that it occurred to me that GiveAsia could provide a way, and all it took was single-line pitch to my friends over whatsapp, a link to an example campaign, and they were convinced. In 30 minutes, we set up a page, and went on to raise an astounding amount of money. Having delivered the final funds to my friend's wife personally, I can vouch for the impact that GiveAsia had in helping them.

Haresh Tilani
Co-founder, Ministry of Funny

From Teen Challenge:

Teen Challenge (Singapore) seeks to provide solutions to the pressing needs of the marginalized in our community. 
Earlier this year we were looking to run a cycling event, Heart of Courage, to raise awareness and funds for our organization. We needed a way for our participants to be able to communicate about this event and provide a way for the safe and secure online collection of funds. So we turned to GIVEasia.org to solve this problem for us.

Looking into GIVEasia.org I found that they could provide solutions to more than our cycling event. We could use them in other online fundraising, even for events that we didn't organize 
ourselves. GIVEasia.org provides an easy way for our donors and participants to link social-media with online credit card giving. GIVEasia is based here in Singapore. Because it’s local, it’s easier to attend training GIVEasia.org provides and it’s easier to communicate with them. Being based in Singapore also gives us and our donors the assurance that GIVEaisa.org is a reputable company who will not scam them.

I have recommended GIVEasia.org to others because of their ease of use and comprehensive list of benefits for VWO’s.

Phil DiMusto, Deputy Director

From the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital:

SingHealth Duke-NUS OBGYN Academic Clinical Program helps change the lives of women and give them and their babies a healthy future through funding programs to improve clinical care; shaping the next generation in healthcare and translating medical breakthroughs into cures.

GIVEasia.org provides an online donation platform that made it really easy for our supporters to donate and in turn ask their family, friends and community to donate as well. We chose GIVEasia.org as it had a proven track record and had successfully helped another marathon’s participants to raise funds for their causes.

GIVEasia.org is unique because it provides both organisations and individuals in Singapore a fun and fuss free donation platform to raise funds from a wider community wirelessly and securely. We like GIVEasia because it is fast and easy to set-up and provides a safe and secure channel to receive donations online.

In the past, we would have to send out appeal emails and letters, and rely on donors to complete forms and mail their cheques or credit card details to us in a few days or weeks. Now, all we need is to send them our GIVEasia donation link and they can donate to our cause on the spot! The whole GIVEasia experience can be summarized as fun, free and easy!

Ms Linda Tay,
Assistant Manager, 
Corporate Development, 

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital 

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