I'm not in Singapore. Can I still volunteer?

GIVE.asia is a global community:

Most of our volunteer opportunities are located in Singapore, but there’s still a lot you can do to connect with our volunteer community, which spans the globe!

  1. Fill out our volunteer form. We will put your information in our volunteer database. If we have an event in your area or need one of the skill sets you’ve listed, we’ll reach out to you.
  2. Join our volunteer Facebook group. We post updates on this page and it’s a great way to connect with fellow members of the GIVE.asia community.
  3. Create your own campaign. No matter where you’re located, running a fundraising campaign is a great way to get involved. You can sell lemonade, throw a party, give up your birthday, run a race - pretty much do anything to fundraise for a cause!
  4. Share a campaign with your friends, family, or social media networks. While you may think that simply clicking, "share" may not make a significant impact, a single share is worth about $20 in donations! Please consider sharing a campaign.
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