What is Giviki and why should my organization have one?

Giviki (www.giviki.com) is a free service offered by GIVE.asia to charities around the globe so that charities can have their own branded donation and fundraising websites. With your personalized donation and fundraising website, you will have so many amazing benefits:

  • You will have complete control of the branding so your charity brand will be front and center on this website. 
  • You will be able to collect not just one-time but also monthly donations on this new website. Building a regular base of donors has never been this simple!
  • You will be able to use this new website to host all your charity events. Singapore Cancer Society just ran their CEOs Race Against Cancer on their own website and it was a phenomenal success. See it here - https://singaporecancersociety.give.asia/movement/ceos_against_cancer_2017
  • We will receive the funds directly to your bank account on a daily basis. Getting funds directly will simplify your financial reporting.
  • You will simply be able to direct donors and fundraisers to your dedicated website instead of sending them to third-party fundraising website with other charities and causes.
  • You will get access to powerful admin features - unlimited campaigns, unlimited staff account, analytics, dashboard, etc.
  • You will have complete ownership of data collected on your website which includes donor, fundraiser and donation information.
  • You will get this website for FREE with no hidden costs. GIVE.asia does not charge any admin fee so you will receive all the money after deducting bank cost from the donations donors make on your branded website.
  • Your donors will be able to save their donation history and they will be easily able to log in via Facebook account to the website.

What are you waiting for? Fill up this form in less than 2 minutes -  www.bit.ly/giviki and we will set up your website in a matter of days.

For more information, you can learn more about this product here:

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