Sustainability of the platform is one of the only charity fundraising platforms that does not and will not charge an admin fee. This is in line with our belief that everyone deserves to help or be helped and this should not come at a cost. 

Every time a donor makes a donation, they have the choice to add on an optional tip that goes directly to These tips help us to sustain the costs of running the platform.

For many years, was entirely self-funded by the founders and grants from organisations such as Singtel, DBS, Community Chest, etc. In recent years, thanks to the tips of kind-hearted donors who have donated an optional tip, the platform is now able to run sustainably.

How does it work?

After you have chosen a donation amount, an optional tip will be suggested to you (as pictured below.) If you would like to change the amount, tap on EDIT and you can change it to your desired amount. 

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