What happens if a recurring donor's card expires?

Welcome to our article on the impact of expired cards for recurring donors. In this guide, we'll explore the scenarios that occur when a donor's credit card expires and how we handle them.

For donors whose credit cards expire, the payment gateway can bypass the expiry date and continue deducting donations, as long as the credit card number remains the same. However, whether the payment is triggered depends on the payment gateway and the card issuing bank.

Donors will receive email notifications reminding them to update their card details before the expiry date.

If a transaction is declined due to changes in the credit card number or expiry date, we promptly notify the donor to update their card details for future transactions.

Charity staff members have the option to directly reach out to the donor through the dashboard to assist them in updating their card details.

Step 1: Login to your Give.Asia account, and go to your charity dashboard

Step 2: See the number of recurring donations that have failed

You can see the number of recurring donations that have failed, click on the button to view more information.

Step 3: View the list of donors

You can view the list of donors whose recurring donations have failed including contact information to reach out to them.

Step 4: On the failed recurring donors list, click Edit card of a failed recurring donor

Step 5: Under Payment details, click Update card

Step 6: Enter new credit card details and click Submit

Step 7: Under Failure recovery, click Charge for the current period and resume schedule

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