What fees are applied to donations?

Our platform has zero admin fees.

GIVE.asia has no admin fee, and our running costs come from the generosity of donors who choose to give an optional tip when they make a donation. This allows us to run a free (and ad-free) platform. 

There is a payment processing fee of 1.5% which applies to every donation made. This is a charge that comes from the bank, and we are proud that our bank fee is one of the lowest in Asia. 

This means that when $100 is donated on GIVE.asia, $98.50 reaches the beneficiary and $1.50 goes to the bank as a payment processing fee. 

Singapore Dollar transactions processed outside of Singapore
All transactions processed outside of Singapore but charged in Singapore Dollar (i.e. without any currency conversion) (including refunds and reversals) will be subjected to an administrative fee of 2.8% on the total transaction amount, which includes a 1% fee by Visa/Mastercard or 0.6% fee by UnionPay, and shall be payable by you and debited from your Account. This includes but is not limited to any transaction in Singapore Dollar on overseas-based websites and mobile applications. You can read more about it here.

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