How can I custom Donor Field Form?

Unlock the full potential of Give.Asia's latest features, including the Donor Field Form tool, designed to help you leverage valuable insights from your givers for greater impact and engagement.

As a charity staff member, you'll operate exclusively within the charity's Dashboard.

Your duties include updating forms and making relevant modifications to ensure they align with the organization's goals and donation needs.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Donor Fields" section within the Dashboard categories

Step 2: Review the information presented on the new page

We encourage charities to carefully curate essential information for inclusion in the form, avoiding questions that may lead to conflict, misunderstanding, or involve high levels of privacy.

Step 3: Enter the name of the form you want Givers to fill out

When naming your form, keep it concise yet informative, making it easy to review later.

Step 4: Begin the form creation process

There are 02 options available: Form Field and Dropdown.

  • Form Field: It's a question type where the giver fills in specific information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, NRIC/UEN, etc. This option is suitable when you need the giver to provide specific personal details or details that cannot be listed in a fixed list.
  • Dropdown: It's used to create a list of selectable options for the giver. This is helpful when you want to limit options or simplify the process for the form filler such as Yes/No questions

Step 5: Fill in the questions and answers (if the question is in Dropdown format)

For each question, enter clear and concise wording that accurately captures the information you seek from the giver.

If the question is in Dropdown format, list the selectable options that the giver can choose from. Ensure these options cover all relevant choices and are easy to understand.

Please remember to click "Save" after adding each piece of information to ensure that your changes are saved and not lost.

Step 6: Review the form layout and finalize it for completion

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