How to manage campaigns creates by your supporters?

Fundraiser-Created Campaigns are a valuable asset in expanding your charity's fundraising efforts. Here's some information can help you know how to effectively manage campaigns initiated by your supporters.

Fundraiser-Created Campaigns Overview:

  • These campaigns are initiated by individuals or fundraisers acting on behalf of your charity.
  • Fundraisers enjoy autonomy in setting up and promoting their campaigns.
  • Upon creation, these campaigns are automatically made public to garner support.

Campaign Objectives & Verification:

  • Funds raised through these campaigns are typically directed towards specific charity projects or causes.
  • Give.Asia does not verify campaigns created by individuals; this responsibility rests with the charity staff.

Unsuitable Campaign Handling:

  • If a fundraiser's campaign is deemed inappropriate for your charity, it should be promptly addressed.
  • Charity staff can contact Give.Asia via email at [email protected] to request the campaign's removal from public view.
  • Additionally, charity staff should reach out to the fundraiser directly to explain why their campaign has been unpublished.
  • Providing clear communication helps maintain a positive relationship with fundraisers while upholding the charity's standards and objectives.

Identifying Individual Fundraiser Campaigns at Your Charity:

To distinguish campaigns created by individual fundraisers at your organization, pay attention to the following:

  • Check in the Campaign Section:
    • In your organization's campaign list, focus on the "Fundraiser" section.
    • Campaigns created by staff members typically include the fundraiser's name followed by "(Staff)".
  • No Indicator for Supporters:
    • Conversely, campaigns initiated by supporters won't display the "(Staff)" indicator in the fundraiser's name.

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