How can I follow the donation report?

Discovering how to track your donation report is essential for keeping tabs on your fundraising progress. Learn the information to stay informed and make informed decisions.

  • Time (in UTC): Timestamps displayed on the charity dashboard are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +0. Currently, there's no option to modify this setting.
  • Donation Amount: The sum contributed by each giver to your campaign or charity.
  • ID Payment: This ID serves as confirmation for the donation.
  • Currency: While donations are typically displayed in SGD (Singapore Dollar), they will be synchronized with your charity's currency if it's different.
  • Boosting Cost: The amount spent on boosting your campaign's visibility through advertising.
  • Processing Cost: The fee incurred for processing transactions through the payment gateway.
  • Net Donation: The final amount received after deducting the boosting and processing costs (if applicable).
  • Charity Recipient: The name of your charity organization.
  • Campaign Recipient: The name of the specific campaign to which the giver donated.
  • Donor Information: Details such as the donor's name, email, and phone number, unless they opted to remain anonymous (indicated by "Y" for Yes or "N" for No).
  • Tax Deduction: Indicates whether the donation qualifies for tax deduction. "Yes" if applicable, and "No" otherwise.
  • NRIC/FIN or UEN: The giver's National Registration Identity Card/Foreign Identification Number or Unique Entity Number, provided during the donation process.

If you've customized donor field forms, the corresponding information will be synchronized and documented in the donation report.

The charity dashboard offers filtering options to help you locate specific donation-related details.

When downloading the donation list to Excel, the amounts will not be formatted as number. Therefore, to perform any related calculations, please click on the "!" symbol and select "Convert to Number".

Afterward, you can proceed with the necessary calculations.

By regularly monitoring your donation report, you gain valuable insights into your campaign's performance, enabling you to adjust strategies and maximize your impact. Stay informed, stay empowered!

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