What type of campaign can I create for my cause?

When it comes to fundraising for your cause, Give.Asia offers two main types of campaigns for individual fundraiser: personal campaigns and charity campaigns.

Let's explore these options:

Personal Campaigns:

  • Medical Campaigns: These are the most common type of personal campaigns on Give.Asia. You can start a medical campaign to raise funds for someone in need of emergency medical assistance or facing sudden disadvantages. Donations are directly sent to hospitals, relevant medical service providers, or non-profit organizations on behalf of the patient.
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Campaigns: If you want to support disaster relief efforts or humanitarian aid initiatives, you can start a campaign for this purpose. Donations are sent directly to non-profit organizations or credible NGOs working in disaster-affected areas.
  • Animal Campaigns: Start an animal campaign to raise funds for providing medical help to animals in need. Give.Asia prioritizes helping animals without owners, such as abandoned, rescued, and community (stray) animals. Donations are solely for medical treatment, and funds are paid directly to veterinary clinics.

Charity Campaigns:

You can start a charity campaign to raise funds for one of the 800+ registered charities and non-profits on Give.Asia. Donations are sent directly to the chosen charity, and you do not need to handle the transfer of donations. Campaigns for registered charities are published immediately. Additionally, donors may be eligible for tax deductions, where applicable.

For both types of campaign, With our new visibility settings, it can be seen by others on the types:

  • Public Campaigns: Public campaigns are visible to all users on Give.Asia. They can be accessed and viewed by anyone visiting the platform, allowing for broader outreach and potential donations.
  • Private Campaigns: Private campaigns are not visible to the general public. They are typically used for more sensitive or private fundraising efforts, where access is restricted to specific individuals or groups chosen by the campaign creator.

Important: Please be aware that private campaigns will not undergo verification by Give.Asia. While public campaigns are subject to verification to ensure authenticity and compliance with our guidelines, private campaigns do not undergo this process.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the campaign creator to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of their private campaign.

By choosing the right campaign type and visibility settings, you can effectively raise funds and make a meaningful impact on your chosen cause. Join Give.Asia today to start your fundraising journey!

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