Which campaign type should I choose for my charity?

When it comes to fundraising for your charity, choosing the right campaign type is crucial for success. Give.Asia offers a range of campaign options, each designed to cater to different fundraising objectives.

Let's explore the various campaign types:

  1. Donation Page:

The Donation Page feature is designed for swift and efficient donation collection. It offers charities the flexibility to create a dedicated donation page that serves as the primary platform for receiving donations.

This standalone page can be seamlessly linked to donation buttons, social media posts, or emails, streamlining the donation process.

  1. Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding campaigns invite people to submit a donation. But before people see a donation page, they see a landing page. On this page, you can use media and text to show the impact of donations. Doing so helps people understand and become supporters of your cause.

This storytelling approach encourages supporters to become advocates by sharing the crowdfunding campaign with their networks. With access to examples and resources, charities can build effective crowdfunding campaigns that resonate deeply with their audience.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Event (P2P):

The Peer-to-Peer Event (P2P) feature empowers supporters to fundraise on behalf of the charity. Participants can create personal or team fundraising pages and solicit donations from friends and family, expanding the network of supporters.

By integrating P2P events with crowdfunding campaigns, charities can facilitate direct donations from supporters while fostering greater engagement with their cause.

  1. Ticketed Event:

Ticketed Events provide charities with the opportunity to sell event tickets online while maintaining control over ticket types. These events serve as a platform to engage existing supporters and attract new ones.

Charities can leverage ticketed events to interact face-to-face with supporters, offering opportunities for remote contributions.

Additionally, combining ticketed events with P2P fundraising enables supporters to fundraise while registering for the event, enhancing participation and fundraising efforts.

By selecting the right campaign type, you can optimize your charity's fundraising efforts and achieve greater success in advancing your cause.

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