How and When does GIVEasia send donations to charities?

  • If your charity is listed in one of the countries where Stripe has a presence (see the full list here -, then the funds can directly be sent to your bank account when someone makes a donation to your charity on 
  • Some charities in Singapore request to send the donations to them on a monthly basis so we send them donations before 15th of each month for the previous month. Example: For donations raised in June 2018, funds will be sent before the 15th July 2018.
  • The charities that are listed on have admin accounts which allow them to log in to view relevant donation records in real time which ensures transparency. The charities have a staff admin login so they will be able to view the dates the donations were made.
  • We have a separate bank account to collect all the donations and on a monthly basis, we send the funds raised to various charities in Singapore via GIRO. When we send the money to charities in Singapore via GIRO, there are no charges for them.
  • For charities with a bank account not in countries where Stripe does not have a presence, there will be an additional cost for international Telegraphic Transfer which is typically around SGD 25.

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