How can I boost giver's donation amount with Milestones Feature?

Looking to amplify donor contributions and achieve fundraising success? By implementing milestones for your campaigns on Give.Asia, you can motivate givers to increase their donation amounts.

Step 1: Access Campaign Management

Navigate to the campaign page you want to enhance and select the "Manage" option to access the campaign management dashboard.

Step 2: Enable Milestones

Within the campaign management dashboard, locate the "Milestones" feature and activate it for the selected campaign.

Step 3: Configure Milestone Targets

Turn on milestones for your campaign and adjust the target amounts for each specified time frame. Consider setting incremental targets that align with your fundraising goals and campaign duration.

Step 4: Set Target Amounts

Fine-tune the target amounts to incentivize givers to increase their contributions over time.

By establishing achievable milestones, you create a sense of progress and encourage donors to surpass initial donation thresholds.

Let's see how it works:

By implementing milestones for your fundraising campaigns on Give.Asia, you can inspire givers to elevate their donation amounts and propel your cause towards success. Start leveraging milestones today to maximize donor contributions and make a meaningful impact.

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