Guideline Practice: How to create an online event for my charity

From inception to execution, discover the step-by-step process to host engaging and successful fundraisers that resonate with your audience and further your cause.

By integrating online fundraising tools with existing events like marathons or bike rides, charities can boost donation totals by an average of 50%. In this post, discover how to launch a successful online event for free in minutes!

Let's see how we work with: Smile Asia Charity Gala 2023

Smile Asia Charity Gala is a cherished annual event dedicated to supporting our programmatic initiatives and community engagement efforts.

Year after year, our Gala attracts a vibrant mix of dedicated entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and medical experts who come together for an evening of celebration and compassion.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we're thrilled to announce the return of our Gala on Wednesday, 8 February 2023, at the prestigious Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza.

We're offering donation tables with seating options for 10 guests each, priced at $4,000, $8,000, and $12,000.

Smile Asia Charity Gala 2023 has successfully raised an inspiring total of S$91,190 from 41 generous donors, marking a significant step towards supporting our impactful endeavors.

Step-by-step guildeline to create an online event for your charity

Step 1: Access the FREE event feature in your charity dashboard

By logging into your Give.Asia account, navigate to the event tab. Click on "Create an event" to begin.

Click on "Create an event" to begin

Step 2: Design your event page

Provide an eye-catching title, crafting a compelling pitch story, and add engaging images and videos.

Step 3: Determine whether participants need to fill out a registration form and purchase tickets.

You can offer tickets for free, charge a price, or create a combination of both.

Customize ticket types and gather additional information through personalized questions, such as t-shirt size or dietary preferences.

Step 4: Showcase sponsors and include a FAQ section for participants.

Feature sponsors on your event page and provide answers to common questions to enhance participant experience.

Step 5: Your event page is now ready!

Easily manage participant registrations by clicking on "View Registration" to access participant details and export information as needed.

With our practical guidelines, you're equipped to harness the collective energy of virtual communities, driving meaningful change and fostering lasting connections for your cause.

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