How to manage our charity's Widget/Donate Button?

In this article, we'll explore how effectively managing this feature on your website can lead to a significant boost in donations, ultimately helping you further your cause and make a greater impact.

Based on data analytics, we've identified several best practices for optimizing the donation flow:

  1. Asking donors to click a button that redirects them to another website to donate results in approximately a 50% loss in donations.
  2. Requiring donors to provide excessive details such as salutation, age, postal code, etc., can also lead to a 50% decrease in donations.
  3. Additionally, requesting donors to print a form, fill it out, and mail it back with a cheque result in another 50% loss in donations.

Below is the ideal display of the Widget on your website:

Let's take Caritas Singapore Community Council as an example.

On their website at, you'll notice the Donate button located in the right sidebar. This placement ensures that the donation option is easily visible and accessible to visitors, encouraging them to support the organization's charitable efforts.

When you click on the Donate button, the donation screen will appear. Donors can make their contributions here, and the donated amount will be transferred to your charity's donation account on Give.Asia, where you can manage it easily.

How to craft this widget for your charity??

Step 1: Log in to your charity account on Give.Asia and select "Manage Charity" from the main menu

Step 2: In the charity management page, choose the "Widget" section from the left-hand menu

Step 3: Follow the instructions and tips provided to create a widget that suits your preferences. You can customize the "Donate" button to reflect the style and color scheme of your website

Step 4: Once you've completed the setup, click on the "Donate" button to preview the result on your website and ensure that the widget functions as expected

By following the simple steps outlined above, you can create a widget that complements your website's design and encourages visitors to support your cause. Don't hesitate to leverage this powerful tool to maximize your charity's impact and reach your fundraising goals.

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