How can I change the Preset amount?

Preset amounts play a crucial role in providing convenient donation options for supporters visiting your fundraising page. Here's how you can customize these preset amounts to better suit your fundraising needs.

What does " Preset Amount" means?

Preset amounts refer to the predefined donation packages that appear alongside the option for a custom donation amount on your fundraising page. These preset amounts offer donors quick and convenient choices when contributing to your cause, alongside the option to enter a custom donation amount.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Donation Settings

Log in to your fundraising dashboard on Give.Asia or your branded giving website.

Step 2: Navigate to Preset Amounts

Look for the donation settings section or customization options within your dashboard.

Step 3: Edit Preset Amounts

Within the preset amounts settings, you'll find the existing donation packages listed. Here, you can edit the preset amounts by adjusting the values to better align with your fundraising goals.

Step 4: Save Changes and Check the Results

After making the desired adjustments to the preset amounts, be sure to save your changes to update the donation options on your fundraising page.

By adjusting these preset amounts, you can enhance the donor experience and encourage more contributions to your cause.

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