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Founded in 2009, Give.Asia stands as one of Asia's pioneering crowdfunding platforms, facilitating fundraising efforts for charities and personal causes.

Trusted by +800 charities in the region, including prominent organizations like WWF, WFP, Singapore Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and SOS, ... Give.Asia has become a cornerstone in philanthropy.

Give.Asia works with numerous charities across Asia and has also been the official charity fundraising platform for big sports events like Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Hundreds of thousands of people have used Give.Asia to raise tens of millions of dollars for various charities and individuals who are in need.

In addition to its widespread adoption by over 800 charities in the region, Give.Asia boasts an impressive track record of achievements that underscore its impact in the philanthropic landscape.

Give.Asia is a free platform that does not take any administrative fees from donations, unlike other platforms. All donations made on Give.Asia (minus transaction fees charged by payment gateway provider) go to the bank account chosen by the charity or the individual fundraiser. To be sustainable, Give.Asia rely on small optional donations from donors to help cover our operating expenses and help us pay for things like website hosting, accounting, bank charges, supplies, and staff.

Give.Asia is privately funded by GIVEASIA PTE LTD (Reg No: 200915362M) who is a registered social enterprise in Singapore. The first few years, Give.Asia was entirely self-funded by the founders themselves and grants from organizations like Singtel, DBS, Community Chest, etc.

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If you have any inquiries or need assistance, contact us at: [email protected].

We value your input, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need support!

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