What is the campaign verification process like at Give.Asia?

The campaign verification process at Give.Asia involves several steps to ensure alignment with our values and the authenticity of the fundraising efforts.

For personal campaign

  • Submission of Information: Fundraisers who align with Give.Asia's values submit relevant information for donation payout. This includes details such as recent photos or videos related to the cause, medical reports, hospital bills, and other documentation supporting the fundraising target.
  • Verification by Our Team: Our team thoroughly reviews the submitted information and contacts third-party entities such as hospitals or clinics to verify the authenticity of the fundraiser's claims. This verification process helps ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Documentation from Charities: In the case of charities, they must also provide relevant documentation related to their activities and the specific campaign they wish to fundraise for on our platform.
  • Campaign Publicization: Once the verification process is complete, and the campaign meets our criteria, it is made public on our platform. While this process may take some time, it ensures that your support reaches the intended beneficiaries and contributes to meaningful causes.

For non-profit campaign

  • Submission of Non-Profit Documents: Non-profit organizations interested in partnering with Give.Asia are required to submit their relevant non-profit documents for verification. These documents typically include proof of non-profit status and valid bank account information.
  • Verification by Give.Asia: Upon receiving the non-profit documents, Give.Asia conducts a thorough verification process to ensure the authenticity and validity of the non-profit organization. This step is crucial in preventing fraud and maintaining the integrity of our platform.
  • Confirmation of Partnership: Once the non-profit organization's documents are verified and approved, they become eligible to create and launch campaigns on Give.Asia's platform. This partnership grants them access to our suite of fundraising tools and resources.

By following these steps, we aim to maintain the integrity of the fundraising process and uphold our commitment to transparency and trustworthiness.

Thank you for considering Give.Asia as a platform for making a positive impact in the community.

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