Is my donation tax-deductible?

How to Tell If a Campaign/Charity Offers Tax-deduction

Important: Tax benefits from donations depend on the country of the taxpayer and relevant local requirements. Please read Am I Eligible for Tax-deduction? to find out more.

On campaign card

Tax-deductible label above the title on the campaign card.

On campaign page

Tax-deductible label under the amount raised on the fundraising progress card.

On charity's page

Tax-deductible label under the charity name on charity fundraising homepage.

Am I Eligible for Tax-deduction?

Donations to Charities

  • Singapore Tax Resident Donating to Charities in Singapore

If you are a  Singapore tax resident, when you donate to charities with IPC (Institutions of Public Character) status, you are eligible for tax-deduction (a minimum donation might be required). You will be shown an option to provide your NRIC/FIN information (applicable for individual donors) or UEN (applicable for corporate donors). 

This information is shared with the IPC charities, and they will submit this information to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by the end of the financial year. The tax deductions will automatically show up in your personal or corporate tax assessment.

Find out more information about tax-deductible donations here. To see the list of charities with IPC status that are listed on Give.Asia, please click here.

  • Non-Singapore Tax Resident / Charities Outside of Singapore

As a general rule, tax benefits from donations depend on the country of the taxpayer and relevant local requirements. Please check with a tax professional located in your country of residence to be sure.

Donations to Personal Fundraising Campaigns

Donations made to personal fundraising campaigns on Give.Asia are generally not tax-deductible because they are considered to be personal gifts.

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