Can I fundraise for a non-profit organisation that is not registered on

Yes you can. Unlike fundraising for a registered charity or non-profit organisation on, your campaign will need to be verified before it will be published.

Over 750 registered charities and non-profit organisations

When you fundraise for one of our registered charities, we manage the donations for you, which will be sent directly to the charity. Because of this, campaigns are approved and published immediately.

Documents needed for verification

  1. Charity's or non-profit organisation's bank account details: As we can only do payouts directly to the charity's or non-profit organisation's account.
  2. Proof of fundraising intent: Email correspondences or proposals between you and the charity or non-profit organisation

Creating a fundraising campaign for unregistered charity ir non-profit organisation

Go to
Click Other fundraiser
Follow the instructions finish submitting your campaign
Our fundraising team will reach out to your once they have verified your documents
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