What is campaign boosting?

Boosting is a FREE and OPTIONAL service provided by GIVE.asia to promote the campaign outreach through social media marketing.  We do NOT profit nor take a cut from providing this service

We help the fundraisers to create and run advertisements for their fundraising campaigns to increase public awareness of the campaigns and lead to more traffic and donations.  An agreement is sought with the fundraiser of the campaign before the boosting is started. 

Boosting service is optional and recommended for the fundraisers to set aside up to 20% of their funds allocated for social media marketing. The allocated funds are spent on creating more awareness for the fundraising campaigns on Facebook and Google, helping the fundraisers meet their fundraising target faster. GIVE.asia provides the boosting service for FREE to maximize exposure. Most boosted campaigns see as much as 5x in donations for every $1 spent on social media marketing channels.

We have successfully helped many campaigns reach their goal through boosting. See below for a couple of success stories.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

1. What do we do in the FREE service we provide in the process of campaign boosting?

Once the fundraiser has opted in boosting, our outreach team will start to boost the campaign by

  • Analyze campaign content to prepare the best boosting message
  • Design ad creative & copywriting
  • Set up campaign boosting ads on social media channels
  • Get ads material approval from social media channels
  • Monitor and optimize the boosting results
  • Updating boosting report 

Usually, we need at least $200 budget to kick start the boosting, which means there must be a certain amount of donations coming in (e.g. $2000 with 10% boosting budget). For selected urgent campaigns, GIVE.asia may kickstart the boosting by paying up to the first $500 on the boosting campaign and recover it back subsequently. 

2. How long does it take for the ads to be active after the fundraiser opts in the boosting service?

It normally takes from 48 hours to 72 hours to complete the setup and approval process for the ads to be active. Sometimes due to high demand, GIVE.asia may require longer time to start the processing. 

3. How do I know about the ad performance?

The ad performance of a campaign depends on various factors. 

  1. Campaign quality
    1. Campaign story
    2. Campaign visualization (image/ video)
  2. Facebook and Google policy on restricted or limited reach for certain content type
  3. Urgency of the campaign
  4. Responsiveness & updates of the campaign

The boosting report is updated at least once a week. The fundraiser can find the boosting report to learn about its performance.

4. Why didn't I see the ads on my social media newsfeed?

We optimize the boosted campaign to reach people who are likely to become your donors.

Once the boosting ad is active, Social media platforms like Facebook or Google will help us to determine who gets to see the ads. During the process, you may or may not get to see your ads based on Facebook or Google Delivery Algorithm.

5. When does the boosting service end?

Once the boosting balance is lower than $50, our ads team will immediately turn off the boosted ads. The boosted ads will be reactivated when the balance is regained to be more than $200. We need at least $200 for the social media platform ads delivery system to learn and optimize the boosted ads for the best results.

We will also stop the boosting if the results are lower than 3X and notify the fundraiser via email.

6. What if there is unused boosting budget left? What does GIVE.asia do with them?

We might not use all the budget. Any unused boosting budget will be refunded back to the campaign at the end of it.  

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