What happens if the campaign has an excess of donations?

When fundraisers start a campaign, they are prompted to set a donation target that is based on estimated bills or well-researched costs. This is to ensure transparency and accountability.

Sometimes, the donations might exceed the required amount due to reasons such as: 

  1. An excess of generous donors for a campaign
  2. An update in the social mission (e.g. building one school instead of two schools)
  3. The beneficiary passing away before receiving life-saving treatment 

In any event where there is a mismatch between the fundraised amount and the required amount, we will consider the situation on a case by case basis.

Some examples:

  • If there is a change in the disaster relief campaign by a charity, we will encourage the charity to post an update to all donors to share their reasons and how they plan to manage the excess donations. 
  • If a patient in passes away before life-saving treatment, we will consult the fundraiser of the campaign and pay forward the donated amount to save another person in need.

The decision will be share via a campaign update to the donors informed. As part of our Giving Guarantee, we can issue a refund to any donor who wants his/her donation back. 

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