How to get donors with Events vs Campaigns

Both events and campaigns are familiar terms for fundraising experts in the charity world and both fundraising methods should be use together to maximise the fundraising potential. 

The easiest way to decide when to launch an Event vs a Campaign is to ask the question - "Who do I want to ask for donations?" 

OPTION 1: Launch a Campaign page

If you want to raise money from your 1st degree network, that means people who are directly connected to your organisation such as your volunteers, your email list, your website visitors, etc then the best solution is to launch a campaign. 

Starting a campaign is free and easy to start. Here is a simple guide on how to do it like pro

When you start a campaign page, you will be making an ASK for donations and so the people you talk to will in turn donate to your cause. 

OPTION 2: Launch an Event page

An event page is about making an ASK for fundraisers who will reach out to their network of friends and families to ASK for donations on your behalf. The easiest way to visualise this is that the donations will come from your 2nd degree network and allow you to reach people you wouldn't normally be able to talk to thereby expanding your potential donor pool. 

Starting an event is also free and easy to start. Here is a simple guide on how to get started!  

When you start an event page, you will be making an ASK for people who will become ambassadors for your charitable cause and fundraise on your behalf. 

P.S.  As more of your donors get online, it's a fun idea to try out virtual event ideas that do not require huge investments to get started and there is a free library of virtual event ideas you can try it from the help section. 

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