How to amplify offline events with online fundraising

Both online and offline fundraising has it's own merits. And when combined together, both online and offline strategies can actually complement and amplify the fundraising results. 

  • Online is usually free or cheaper compared to offline 
  • Online can usually be automated to save time
  • Online can usually be scaled up to a large audience easily

In this post, you'll learn how some of the best charities use Giviki to complement offline events with online fundraising and 2x the donation impact.

STEP 1: Collect e-registration for events and automatically create an individual fundraising page for each participants

The reason why we organize offline events is to engage our community of supporters. But there is no reason to stop there because your community of supporters can also engage their personal networks and invite them to join your community of supporters too. 

Thus helping you grow and amplify the impact of any event you organize by almost 2x on average from our statistics. 

Promoting your event online is easy with the FREE event feature you have on your dashboard: 

(click on "Events" on your side navigation and then click on "Create an event" button on the top right)

For more details on how to publish an amazing event -

STEP 2: Help your participants aim for a fundraising goal together

Now that each of your participants have their own fundraising page, you'll be able to track who is fundraising straight from the easy to use leaderboard on the event page. 

(click on the "leaderboard" tab on your event page)

There are 2 easy ways you can use to motivate the participants to fundraise: 

  1. Offer a prize for the top fundraisers, top donor, top shares, etc. 
  2. Make it mandatory to fundraise a fixed amount to secure a spot in this limited event. You can also make it first come first serve so it is even more exciting as the participants fight out for the limited slots in this exclusive event. 

STEP 3: Send words of encouragement and start a conversation

You can easily contact each participant and send a timely word of encouragement using the "Contact Fundraiser" feature to send a personalized message. 

(click on the "Contact Fundraiser" button to start a conversation)


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