What is the best number of campaigns to launch at the same time

Should you only have 1 fundraising campaign at the same or should you have multiple campaigns at the same time? Which is more effective and what do the best charities do? 

In this post, you'll learn: 

  1. Why the best charities launch as many campaigns as possible at the same time 
  2. How the best charities funnel donors to campaigns that is relevant to them 
  3. What is the rationale behind this multi-campaign strategy

STEP 1: Each campaign you launch is like adding one extra employee 

This is definitely the most amazing insight we learnt from this awesome charity staff. Even if you are a one-person fundraising department, it doesn't mean you have to work alone. In fact, the best way to imagine an online campaign is that each campaign becomes a tireless employee that works 24x7 to fundraise for your organization. 

Why would you ever stop at only have 1 employee fundraising when you can have a whole team! 

STEP 2: Promote your campaign in stages 

It's never easy to predict which campaign will become a good campaign. So the best way is to run it like an experiment. First you will create a few campaigns you believe have the potential to be good. Then you will only promote these campaigns equally to 50% of your donor database. Now, you will notice which campaign does better and you will double down and promote this "best" campaign to all the remaining 50% of donors in your database. 

Split your promotion into stages to maximize the donations by using scientific methods for optimizing. Once you know you have a winner, also make sure to feature your campaign on your giviki homepage to levarage on the organic traffic of donors that visit your website: 

(First login and access your dashboard. Click on the "Donate Page" option on the side of the page, then scroll down to insert the links of the page you wish to feature)

(If you choose 4 campaigns to feature, then the "trending section" on your homepage will always show the best campaigns you want to promote to donors who visit your giviki) 

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