How to launch a successful online event for free

Events are a great way to get donations for your charity. It's proven to work and essential to your plan, but it can be very expensive to organize in the real world. Often times, you need to invest money upfront and hope that it all goes well and you make back the donations in the end. 

Online events is the answer if you want to get more donations without taking more risk! It's a win-win for your charity and your community of donors. 

And if you have an ongoing real-world event like a marathon or a bike ride, add on an online fundraising event tool and see how donation total grow by 50% on average. 

In this post, we will be sharing how you can launch a successful online event for FREE and have it ready in minutes! 

STEP 1: Use the FREE event feature in your charity dashboard

Login to your giviki and click on the event tab. You can then click on the "Create an event" button to get started.

STEP 2: Design your event page so you can have a beautiful page to promote the event

Once you click on the "Create an event" button, it will take you to the design page where you can:

  1. Insert an attractive title 
  2. Write a compelling pitch story 
  3. Insert images and video

STEP 3: Decide if you want to participants to fill in a registration form and buy tickets

The next thing is to decide if you would like to charge a ticket price to join, offer it for free, or do a combination of both. You can set as many different ticket types you need (e.g. individual ticket, company ticket, family ticket, etc). 

If you want to collect extra information after participants buy a ticket, you can use the "Questions" section below to personalize the types of questions you want each participant to fill in automatically after purchasing a ticket (e.g t-shirt size, dietary preferences, etc). 

STEP 4: Feature your sponsors and include a FAQ for participants 

(Optional) If you have a sponsor you can also feature them easily on your event page:  

(Optional) Likewise, it also helps if you include a FAQ section so participants don't need to contact you to ask the common questions.

STEP 5: That's it! Your event page is ready and you can manage the participant registration easily

Anytime you want to manage the participant registration, just click on the "View Registration" to see all the participants and export the information into excel if you need it. 

Once you're ready, just click on the "Back to campaign" button to view your completed event page! It's that simple and it's FREE! 

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