How to increase effectiveness by getting higher amount per donation

The best fundraising teams are also expert psychologist who understand how donors behave:

  1. Most donors do not know what is the "right" amount to donate and are looking for guidance. 
  2. Most donors cannot visualize what $X will do but if you explain that it will create Y impact, then the ask becomes more concrete and more persuasive. 
  3. Most donors will give more than once a year if asked correctly.  

By default, your giviki will automatically learn donor behaviors in a given country and currency, then auto suggest donation amounts that targets different segments of donors. This is to help all campaigns and all charities achieve a higher baseline of donation conversions by default using our machine learning AI. 

However, intelligent humans still outperforms machines today so we also have this interesting features that is provided for FREE so you can "nudge" donors to give higher amounts with each donation made, increasing your effectiveness by another 10-20% overall. 

It'll only take 2 extra minutes to set it up!

STEP 1: Go to any campaign page you wish to improve the efficiency by 10-20%

For example, by default when a donor clicks on the donate now button, he will be asked to select one of the machine learning suggested amount on a screen like this:

STEP 2: Click on "Manage" and let's customize the suggested preset donation amounts

On your campaign page, you will see a button to "manage" on the top right of the screen. 

Next, click on the "Donation presets amounts" button in the sidebar. 

Here, you can add a title and description to every suggested amount. You can also change the order of the suggestions and also add in suggestions for both one-time donations and monthly donations. 

STEP 3: Click "Save" and you're ready to see an increase in donation efficiency

Here is an example of an awesome charity with amazing fundraising teams who maximize the effiency by using donation presets to build a deeper connection with donors. 

ACRES - Animal Concerns Research & Education Society 

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