How is Giviki Free and charities only pay bank fees

Giviki is free because we want to help charities and people in need. This is our mission and our job is to get you the maximum money from each donation so you can create the maximum social impact. 

It's a simple dream but an endless challenge and we are always improving on this. So far, this is what we have accomplished for your charity:

  1. You never have to pay for technology.
    We have invested millions to build the best tools for charities and you will always get this for 100% free, forever. 
  2. You never have to pay admin fees or hidden cost.  
    We don't take any money from your donations because we rely on external donors to keep our operation going. That way you don't have a "middle man" that takes advantage of your charity's mission. 
  3. You will alway get huge discounts on bank fees. 
    We work hard to form partnerships with commercial banks and companies such as VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and more so you get the biggest discount possible because we pull together the monthly volume of transactions and influence of our advisory board to negotiate the best deals. 

As of May 2020, the only amount a charity has to pay now is 1.5% to bank fees.

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