How to get donors with 3 easy ways anyone can do

It's easy to start your fundraising campaign page but we all know the real magic is in getting donors to give. So, here is 3 easy ways that anyone and I mean anyone can easily do to grab donor attention. 

(if you already know the basics, see the next part where we share what creative and smart fundraisers also do to get more donors) 

#1 Talk the talk, walk the walk

The most persuasive talk is when we back it up with action. You don't have to donate much, but be the first to donate to your own campaign and show that you are willing to back the talk by taking the walk too. Statistically, fundraisers who make the first donation on their campaigns tend to fundraise on average $5000 within the first week. Action do speak louder than words and that's why whenever we launch a campaign of our own at we always donate first.  

#2  You'll never walk alone

It'll be a cold day in hell if you ever have to make your fundraising campaign successful all alone by yourself. The only way you'll be end up doing it alone is if you never ask others to help out and join in. Think about 5 person you know who will most likely say yes if you ask for any help because you're either friends, family or super colleagues at work. 

Now send them a SMS message, Whatsapp, email, call up or meet them in person to say something along this line:

  1. You're my good friend/close family/amazing colleague so I'm hoping you can help me out.
  2. I've started this fundraising campaign because I want to help make XYZ social impact. 
  3. Would you like to join me so we can do this together?

This is surely one of the warmest moments of fundraising when you feel so lucky to have amazing people in your life and the joy of giving truly changes how kindness invites happiness into our lives. 

#3 Multiply your reach by 30X with team effort 

Crowdfunding is not about doing things alone and the multiplication effect of working as a team is simply magical. Let's look at 3 scenarios: 

  • All alone (Total reach = 500) 
    You send out a message to all 500 people you know in your life by email, facebook post, sms, and door to door at your neighbourhood until you drop from exhaustion. 
  • You + 5 Team mates (Total Reach = 500 x 5 = 2500) 
    Same thing as above but now you have 5 more partners who are just as motivated as you. 
  • (You + 5 Team mates) + (Each team mate + 5 friends) x 5 = 2500 + 2500x5 = 15000) 
    Make one more ask and invite your donors to also share and invite their friends. 

Some of the best ways for sharing are:

  • Make a facebook post 
  • Write an email and share with your company/school people 
  • Send sms to people you talked to in the last 30 days 
  • Talk about it casually when you meet people for coffee/lunch/drinks

Just by asking for help once and asking your friends to ask for help once, you can increase your reach by 30x. That's why it's super important not just to ask people to donate but asking people to help share is also extremely important. But make sure you ask them to share after they have made a donation so they too talk the talk and walk the walk. 

A good rule of thumb is that you'll need to reach out to 1 person for every $1 dollar of your fundraising target. 

Adding your PERSONALISED thank you message to every donor automatically is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

STEP 1: Go to and login with your charity account information. 

STEP 2: Go to the campaign page you want to add a special thank you message. 

STEP 3: Scroll down and add your thank you message. 

(If you have another ongoing campaign, take this opportunity to also cross sell the other campaign by adding a description of it here and also the link to donate.)

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