How to make a campaign like pro

Hurray! Your campaign page is DONE because you followed this simple guide on How to start your fundraising campaign page

Just before you share it and invite the whole world to donate, take a pause, and breathe in breathe out. Alright, let's go through this simple technique together so we are perfectly sure the campaign is awesome! 

It'll only take about 1 min to do this! 

Scan your campaign page in 3 seconds. 

Now imagine if you are a donor who know nothing about the charity or the campaign. Start from the top and quickly scroll down with your mouse wheel or swipe down on your phone to view the whole page in one go. Do you feel that donors will understand the story at a glance? 

Here is an example to try this out -

(Start here and simply scroll down) 

Top 3 must haves for amazing campaigns 

There are 2 things you want to make sure donors have a clear impression of to make sure you get more donations: 

  1. Pictures tell a story - Even if not a single word is read, the pictures can still give donors a rough idea what the donation is for. 
  2. Keywords pop up - The first thing people will read is the title so make it clear because it sets the context when donors read the story. In the example above, you see that the word "puppies and kittens" pops up in the title. Within the article we mention the meme phrase "animal" twice in both the quote sections.  
  3. End with trust - The most important feeling to give donors is that they can trust this campaign. So the best thing you can do is add a little description about who the charity is and maybe some examples of what they do.

P.S. Donors give because it relates to them, not because of your charity

It's exactly like how the saying goes - If you want to have an interesting conversation, don't talk about yourself but talk about the person you are talking to. This is not about ego but rather it's easier to relate to something we know well, and the thing we know best is what we like and what we don't like. 

So in the example above, the goal of the campaign story is talk to people who love animals. We talked about loving animal friends. We talked about hating animal abuse. We talk about loving animal heroes. And then we ask donors to join in loving animals together by helping these charities who provide shelter. 

The whole story is about what donors already know and want to hear. It's not about telling them how something is wrong or why someone is better. A good story is one that resonates with a inner truth we already believe. 

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