How to digitise paper donations into online recurring donations

Let's be honest, we all still send out letters by postage mail to ask for donations. It still works good enough for many charities but I'm sure all know the paper hassle that comes with it all too well. After all, you can't collect the donations until you have manually entered the credit card information into your POS charging terminal one by one until your fingers cry out in pain. 

Say NO to this barbaric torture and YES to the digitalisation of paper donation forms. We hear your cries and created yet another FREE tool to solve all the problems that comes with paper forms: 

  1. I need to manually enter the information again once a month. 
  2. I need to pay a high processing fee to my POS charging terminal for every donation 
  3. I need to manually track the donation and tag it to my donor CRM manually 
  4. I need to resolve the failed donations because of expired credit cards by calling each donor one by one 
  5. I need to manually mark on my spreadsheet if I want any analytics on the amount donated each month

Hello FREE paper donation to digital recurring donation tool!

TLDR; In summary, we solve all the problems above and you get to save a lot of money by having the lowest processing rate of only 1.5% which is a huge 2x savings on your normal cost. 

  • (if you have too many paper forms sitting in your drawers, fret not and contact us at [email protected] so our technical team can pop by and digitise it all for you with our special software so there is no manual entries) 

STEP 1: Go to and login with your charity account information. 

STEP 2: Next click on the manage charity button on the top right of the page to visit your dashboard

STEP 3: Then click on the "Donors" button on the sidebar to view your donor analytics and built in CRM tool. 

STEP 4: Click on add the new recurring donor button. 

STEP 5: Manage frequency, charge date, card details and more when you add the donor to your CRM automatically. 

At any time, you can easily manage the recurring donation and view live history and next charge information. Update the credit card or edit the donation amount with just one click easily! 

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