How to Add a Donate Button to Your Website

You have a charity website just like this - It's time to add the right donate button on your website to get the most donations you can. 

Every day, many people who know about your charity will visit your website to learn more. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for a donation because these people are looking for a way to contribute and help your social impact. 

The golden rule to remember in asking for donations is to make it so easy to donate that everyone that wants to donate will eventually complete their donation. In fancy words, what you want to do is increase the conversion efficiency of your donation process and get the maximum donations possible. 

The donation flow is a science and this is what we observe through data analytics: 

  1. If you ask donors to click a button that goes to another website to donate, you lose ~50% of donations 
  2. If you ask donors to fill in too many details like salutation, age, postal code, etc, you lose another ~50% of donations
  3. If you ask donors to print a form to fill in then mail it back with a cheque, you lose another ~50% of donations 

By following the best practices, charities can get up to 8x more donations on your own website! This is why we created this free donate button for charities to get the best in donation experience right inside your own website. 

This is how it looks on your website with colours automatically matching your brand guide (demo: 

And when it's clicked on donors can donate monthly too: 

Adding your FREE donate button is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STEP 1: Go to and login with your charity account information. 

STEP 2: Next click on the manage charity button on the top right of the page to visit your dashboard

STEP 3: Then click on the "Widget" button on the sidebar to find your unique charity donate button code with instructions what how to install it.  

You don't need an IT person to do this because it's so easy!

Installing Donate Widget on Wordpress

Login to your WordPress site
On the sidebar, click on Plugins
Click on Add New
Search for Header and Footer Scripts
Click on Install Now
Once installation is completed, click on Activate
On the sidebar, click on Settings, then click on Header and Footer Scripts
Paste the Donate Widget code from Charity Dashboard into the text field under Scripts in header
Click on Save settings, and you're done!

Installing Donate Widget on Wix

To get started with if your charity website is on
  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Tracking & Analytics tab under Advanced Settings.
  3. Click + New Tool and select a <Custom>. 
  4. Paste the Donate Widget code you copied from website and you're done! 
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