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- Mother Teresa

Giviki's event tools will help:

  • Engage your supporters to raise funds for your cause - Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising.
  • Make online event registrations easy and seamless with integrated payments - Ticketed Event.

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Case Examples: P2P Fundraising for Standard Chartered
and St. Luke's Hospital

How Local Causes engaged their Local Communities to fundraise $300K

Runs are a popular way to engage donors who want to challenge themselves in support of a cause. 

Standard Chartered sponsors the annual Singapore Marathon so that the general public can support a local charity of their choice. Giviki partnered with the Singapore Marathon to help make the fundraising process seamless and easy. Giviki's online P2P fundraising platform empowered over 600 runners to sign-up and fundraise over $230,000 -- all on one page.

Not only did the P2P Fundraising tool make operations easier for Singapore Marathon, but runners also loved the convenient fundraising process. Over 97% of the funds were raised online!

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Is it possible to make the event itself completely digital? Totally!

St. Luke's Hospital is a local community hospital that supports thousands of patients annually with physical, emotional, and psychosocial well-being. Giviki partnered with St. Luke's Hospital to launch the Virtual Run Challenge (#VRC).

#VRC challenged supporters to commit to running 20 kilometers within 200 hours to raise at least $1,000 for their favorite causes. Runners would update donors with a screenshot from a GPS tracking app or treadmill. Runners were awarded with a beautiful T-shirt at the end!

Not only did St. Luke's Hospital not have to go through the logistical challenges of organizing an offline event, but also the runners enjoyed supporting the hospital in its work to provide healthcare for people in need. 15 supports raised over $60K for St. Luke's hospital!

  • Learn more by clicking on this link: Best Practices for P2P Fundraising Events.

Case Example: Oak Tree Project

How a Local Cause saved time and energy by Digitizing Ticketed Events.

Oak Tree Project is a local charity that provides scholarships for orphans in Korea. Once they turn 18, orphans are required to leave their orphanages and support themselves with little-to-no emotional or financial support. Oak Tree Project was formed not just to provide a scholarship for the orphans, but also to serve as a mentoring program that would give the kids the emotional support and direction that they so sorely need. 

Every year, Oak Tree Project organizes its annual Oak Tree Run to challenge supporters to run in support of the Korean orphans, and also to meet their supporters in person. Supporters love Oak Tree Run because they are able to connect with the Oak Tree Project staff and meet friends, both old and new.

Oak Tree Project faced many digital challenges with their annual Oak Tree Run:

  1. Payment integration. Oak Tree Project had used Google Docs to sign-up runners. However, Google Docs did not have an integrated payment option, so tracking down payments was extremely difficult. Giviki provided a ticketed event tool with integrated payments.
  2. Convenient payment options. Oak Tree Project wanted to support both debit/credit card transactions and bank transfers conveniently. Previously, they linked dozens of different websites just to offer both payment options. Giviki provided a ticked event tool with both convenient debit/credit card and bank transfer payment options. 
  3. Language support. Oak Tree Project's supporters came from both the local and expat communities. Thus, Oak Tree Project needed a beautifully designed website that could support both English and Korean. Giviki provided a ticketed event tool with a easy-to-use website that allowed locals and expats to buy a ticket AND fundraise for Oak Tree Project.

Oak Tree Run 2019 was shared over 500 times on social media through Giviki. The result? Over 800 runners and 11 fundraisers came together to raise $30K for the orphans of Korea! 

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FAQ: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising vs. Ticketed Event -- what's the difference?

P2P Fundraising Event

  • Peer-to-peer events (P2P) allow supporters to fundraise on your behalf. On your P2P page, supporters can set up personal or team fundraising pages; then, they can ask family and friends for donations that go to your nonprofit.
  • Keys to success: Website design, social media marketing, and email communications. 
  • Best use case: P2P events are a great way to expand your network of supporters. They also empower supporters who want to get more involved with your cause. 
  • Learn more by clicking on this link: Best Practices for P2P Fundraising Events.

Ticketed Event

  • Ticketed Events allow you to sell tickets to an event, online. Ticketed events also include the P2P Fundraising feature, so supporters can both register for the event and fundraise for your cause.
  • Keys to success: Website design, campaign design, social media marketing, and email communications. 
  • Best use case: Hosting a Ticketed Event is a great way to engage current supporters and attract new ones. It also allows you to gain some face-to-face time with those who support your cause. 
  • Learn more by clicking on this link: Best Practices for Ticketed Events.
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