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Giviki's crowdfunding tools will help:

  • Improve your storytelling. 
  • Drive more donations for your cause.

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Case Example: Father's Heart

How Local Causes can go from $0 to $100K with Crowdfunding

Father's Heart is a local nonprofit that supports the single parents of Korea. Although the organization had never launched a crowdfunding campaign before, Giviki partnered with Father's Heart to raise more than $100,000 from 2,000 donors in 1 month.

FAQ: Donation page vs. Crowdfunding (Event) page -- what's the difference?

Donation page

  • A checkout form where supporters can make donations.
  • Keys to success: donation experience, website design, and branding. 
  • Best use case: collecting monthly gifts from donors that have developed a relationship with your cause, i.e. long-time supporters, friends and family.
  • Learn more by clicking on this link: Best Practices for Donation Pages.

Crowdfunding page

  • Story-driven or time-bound appeals that allow donors to share on social media and fundraise on your behalf. 
  • Keys to success: urgency, campaign design, and storytelling.
  • Best use case: collecting one-time donations from a large number of new donors, i.e. a target audience that has yet to develop a strong relationship with your cause.
  • Learn more by clicking on this link: Best Practices for Crowdfunding.
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