Tips for choosing campaign images

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Great images help donors build an emotional journey that carries them through the giving process and make them visualize the impact they could make when they donate.

Here are some pointers to get you started!

  1. Make images personal

Personal images resonate well with donors on social media. Instead of large groups of people, show photos of fundraiser/beneficiary (or a small group) and a short description of how the donation will help them.

  1. Use images as a way of storytelling

Images help donors visualize your mission and connect with your cause. Tells the same story as the words. Very often, there's a vast disconnect between the words and the images in fundraising.

  1. Use high-quality and clear images.

It is not only about the content in the images, but also show your attitude in this battle. 

  1. Post more pictures.

Fundraisers with at least five photos raise more than those with one. However, if you don’t have enough images, you can always substitute with a HD video. Show different aspects of your cause, but don’t post multiple versions of the same image. 

  1. Stay positive

Be careful not to overload people with sad pictures or images causing discomfort.

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