Is it possible to visit the patient in the hospital or get regular updates?

If you'd like to visit the patient, you may go to their fundraising campaign and click on "CONTACT SUPPORT" to send an email requesting for a meeting.

  1. Visit the fundraiser's Campaign Page
  2. Scroll down until you see the Fundraiser card

  1. Click Contact Support

  1. Enter your email address and compose your message. Click Send when you are done.

However, please do note that there is no guarantee that the family or the beneficiary would be able to meet with you. The families and beneficiaries may not be in the mental or emotional state to meet with the donors and we hope you will understand their position and respect their privacy if they so choose.

In terms of regular updates, we encourage the families and beneficiaries to provide regular updates. As a donor you will receive an email when the beneficiaries or families post an update with regards to the campaigns. 

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