What types of campaigns can be launched on Give.Asia?

Give.Asia is a platform primarily supporting causes that benefit the community and society in Asia. Example of such causes are medical fundraising campaigns and campaigns donating towards charities. Only under special circumstances, Give.Asia allows for other types of campaigns.

Medical campaigns

Medical campaigns are the most common type of personal campaigns on Give.Asia. You can start a medical campaign to raise funds to provide aid to an underprivileged person who is suddenly disadvantaged or require emergency medical assistance. 

Donations are sent directly to a hospital, relevant medical service provider, or non-profit organisation on behalf of the patient.

Charity campaigns

You can start a charity campaign to raise funds for one of the 800+ registered charities and non-profits on Give.Asia. Donations are sent directly to the chosen charity, you do not need to handle the transfer of donations. Campaigns for registered charities will be published immediately. In addition, people who donate to your campaign will also be eligible for tax-deduction where applicable.

If the charity you would like to support is not registered on Give.Asia, you can still raise funds for them.

Others campaigns

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Campaigns

You can start a campaign to raise funds for disaster relief or humanitarian aid. Donations are sent to directly to a non-profit organisation or credible non-governmental organization. 

Animal Campaigns

You can start an animal campaign to raise funds to provide medical help for unfortunate animals in need. Our priority is to help animals who do not have an owner, i.e. abandoned, rescued and community (stray) animals. For animals who are owned pets, we will evaluate the request on a case-by-case basis. Donationss are solely for medical treatment and the funds will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic.

Private Campaigns

You can start a private campaign to raise funds for a memorial fund, corporate/organisation internal fundraising, or support fund for close family or friends in difficult times. Private campaigns will not be publicised on Give.Asia, and are meant to be shared with the fundraiser's close contacts. Donations from private campaigns can be sent to the beneficiary's bank account.

For more information regarding the definition of private fundraising, you can read the Commissioner of Charities's guidelines on private fundraising.

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