How long does it take to get a fundraising campaign approved?

We welcome fundraising campaigns that help people in need. However, campaigns need to follow these rules to be approved:

  1. Campaigns must contain information that is factually correct and fundraiser should be transparent. This means that your campaign has a much greater chance of being approved if you have a video in which you are talking about your fundraising project and you have used your Facebook account to start the campaign. We, just like donors on, want to see the face and hear the voice of the fundraiser. So to increase chances of your campaign being approved, include a video in your page.
  2. We work with Stripe as our payment gateway and it has presence in the following countries - So we prefer working with the campaigns in those countries as it is convenient to send funds to those countries. Your campaign has higher probability of being accepted if it is in one of the countries listed here -
  3. While the list below is not exhaustive, such campaigns are not allowed to be listed on
    • campaigns containing pornographic, sexual content, adult services of any kind
    • campaigns associated with or involving terrorist or hate group activities
    • campaigns related to drug abuse, underage tobacco and alcohol consumption
    • campaigns related to gambling, betting, lottery or raffle
    • campaigns containing hurtful, graphic, racist, sexist or any harmful content
    • campaigns involving any damage or hurt to human or animals

If your campaign meets the above guidelines, we will reach out to you and your campaign should be live in a week's time. We understand that some fundraising campaigns are urgent and we try our best to approve those campaigns as soon as possible without compromising trust, safety for our donors.

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