I received an email about a chargeback. What does this mean?

A chargeback is when a donor contacts their credit card company and disputes their transaction. Their bank or card issuer will immediately remove the funds from your payment account and set them aside while they conduct their review of the chargeback.  If the funds have already been withdrawn by you or your beneficiary, the funds will be pulled back from the connected bank account to cover the chargeback during the review period. 

This usually happens when a donor doesn't recognize the charge on their account and calls their card company out of concern. You may try reaching out to them to remind them what their donation was for, and they may be willing to reinstate their donation or donate to your campaign again. 

If you want to challenge the chargeback, please go to your Stripe dashboard to submit evidence for dispute. Otherwise, you can concede the chargeback and return your donor's payment back to them.

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