What if someone gives me cash or a check? (Offline Donations)

If someone gives you/your organisation a donation outside of GIVE.asia, you can add it to your campaign as an *Offline Donation* so it will count towards your goal. You won't be charged any fees on *Offline Donations* since those funds aren't processed through GIVE.asia. 

Depending on the type of your campaign, there are 3 scenarios for adding an 'Offline Donation'.

A) If you are fundraising for a PERSONAL CAMPAIGN,

  1. Login to your GIVE.asia account that was used to start the campaign
  2. Go to your campaign page
  3. Click ‘MANAGE’ on the top right of the campaign page 
  4. Under ‘Add Offline Donation’ at the bottom of the page, enter the donation information 
  5. Remember to click 'Save and See My Campaign'

B) If you are a charity staff updating a CHARITY CAMPAIGN,

  1. Login to your GIVE.asia account that is used to manage the charity
  2. Go to your charity admin page
  3. Click ‘Campaigns’ on the left panel 
  4. Find the campaign you would like to update offline donation
  5. Click on the icon as shown below next to the amount under 'RAISED' column to edit the offline donation amount
  6. Click 'Save'

C) If you are an individual supporter fundraising for a CHARITY CAMPAIGN, after handing the offline donations over to the charity, ask the charity staff to update the offline amount through scenario B). 

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