How do I get donations on Give.Asia?

Let's dive into some effective strategies to help you secure donations and make a meaningful impact for your cause.

Your friends and family will be the ones most willing to donate, and also will be most likely to share your campaign with others.

For this reason, we strongly recommend focusing on building your campaign’s local support before trying to gain exposure elsewhere. 

Give.Asia does not find donors for you, but sometimes our community will donate to strangers.

Most likely, your donations will come from people you personally know.

As a fundraiser on Give.Asia, here's a rough guideline to help you navigate your fundraising journey:

  • Day 1: Start by reaching out to people close to you—friends, family, and colleagues. Send them personalized messages explaining your cause and why their support matters.
  • Day 2: Thank the individuals who have already donated to your cause and ask them to help spread the word. Encourage them to reach out to their own networks to expand your reach.
  • Day 3: Make a heartfelt post on your Facebook or social media platforms, thanking those who have donated so far. Emphasize that every contribution counts and that more help is needed to reach your goal.
  • Day 4: Contact your company's HR department or relevant contacts to see if they can share your fundraising post on company channels or intranet. Employee support can significantly boost your fundraising efforts.
  • Day 5: Utilize your network to seek connections to influencers or media outlets who may be interested in supporting your cause. Their endorsement can help amplify your message and attract more donors.
  • Day 6: Reach out to the influencers or media contacts you've identified. Share your story and explain why their support would make a difference. Be genuine and passionate about your cause.
  • Day 7: Repeat the process! Continuously engage with your network, follow up with potential donors, and explore new avenues for spreading awareness about your campaign.

To gain momentum for your campaign, you really only need the first few donations to come in!

Focus on sending personal outreaches to your closest contacts by email, phone, text messages, or through social media. Ask them to be the first people to contribute to the campaign to get you started.

Once you get the first donation, others will feel more confident donating, and you can focus on sharing the campaign with a wider audience.

Start your fundraising journey with Give.Asia!

If you have any inquiries or need assistance, contact us at: [email protected].

We value your input, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need support!

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