How do I get on the homepage/trending?

The homepage and category listings are meant to be a snapshot of what’s going on our site at any given time. We don’t rotate any of these campaigns manually and it is not a promotional tool that helps a campaign raise more donations. Instead, the campaigns that appear are based on an algorithm that takes into account donation frequency, percentage to goal, and time since launch. 

Campaigns that appear on the homepage often follow these steps to become successful:

  • Share with friends and family on Facebook
  • Share their campaign link in emails and other social networks
  • Use a great photo and write an interesting campaign story
  • Post updates for their donors to follow
  • Use marketing tools to boost their reach

Don't worry if your campaign isn't trending or if it stops trending, it's all part of how viral fundraising works. Be sure to keep people engaged in your campaign by asking them to not only donate but to share your campaign and get your story out there. It’s important to keep in mind that actively promoting your campaign online is what makes crowdfunding possible.

Check out our fundraising tips for more ideas on running a successful campaign. 

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