How do I know it's safe to donate to someone?

Ensuring trust and safety is an integral part of

We believe trust and safety are the key pillars for building a great crowdfunding website: There are four main ways in which we ensure trust and safety on

  • Technology Tools - We invest in technology safeguards that make it easier for our team to detect any potential fraud activity quickly.
  • In-house Trust & Safety Personnel - We have personnel on the team who are responsible for managing risk on the platform and they are continuously looking for questionable campaigns or activities on the platform.
  • User Community - We empower our community of users and the crowd to bring to our attention any suspicious or questionable campaigns.
  • Continuous Improvement - We have set in place processes such that we are continuously re-inventing our fraud minimization and risk management practices keeping in mind that the fraud schemes will continue to get more sophisticated and we always need to be one step ahead.

User Due Diligence:

There are two types of fundraising campaigns that can be carried out on

  • Charity fundraising - In this type of fundraising, individuals, groups or charity representatives start a fundraising campaign on behalf of a charity that is registered on The funds are sent to charities on a monthly basis.
  • Personal fundraising - In this type of fundraising, individuals or groups raise funds for a person-in-need or a social cause. In this case, the funds are sent to the fundraising campaign owner at the end of the fundraising campaign. This is similar to other international crowdfunding platforms like Generosity and GoFundMe.

As clearly stated in our terms and conditions, only provides an online fundraising platform for users to create campaigns to raise funds. does not represent the campaign owners, so we encourage users to support campaigns by donating based on their own discretion and due diligence.

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